Get over your politics and get on with people

It seems like everything turns into such a political issue these days. Back in time politics was a great means to unite people, now it is surely the great divider. People are so uptight and on edge these days. On some of the current issues let me say, people will be human and that will never go away. People hate, people love, some people are of sound mind and some are clearly not, some people have a moral compass some do not. I could go on and on with that, but I will not. There are bad and good people in every race, culture and creed. Bad people kill people and they do it for countless reasons because they are bad or you could say evil. Getting over the politics of it is one way to curve that trend. My father was a native American born on a reservation. Our people were slaves and were slaughtered almost to complete extinction. There are now very few true native Americans left on the planet and guess what they were killed by black as well as white people. The race had nothing to do with it, they were killed by bad people it is that simple, bad people kill people even of their own race. The point is you could go on forever with, the black guy killed the black guy, the black guy killed the white guy, the white guy killed the white guy, the white guy killed the black guy and on and on. When a mom kills her children, was that do to race? The politics of today breeds hate and crime. So if you truly are concerned about it, and you want to do your part to help stop it, then get over your politics and get on with people. This is the reason that I love the on-line social media scene. Everyone here is just another person and here we are back to the basic level of self discovery and cultural appreciation. Regardless of race, culture, creed or wealth.   ©® William J. Marsh

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